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Lotus Bowl, Xuande period and reign mark (1426–35)


Porcelain decorated with underglaze cobalt was much favored during the fifteenth century, and the color and intensity of the blue are typical of the period. This well-potted bowl is a very fine example of the standard type made during the Yongle (1403–24) and Xuande (1426–35) periods. While many are unmarked, a sizable number bear Xuande reign marks, and the group therefore is most often assigned to the later period. Not surprisingly, there is some variation to be found in the borders and the specific flowers, but in general, the decoration is remarkably consistent, suggesting that these bowls were mass produced. The interior of this bowl is decorated with a combination of scrolling flowers and a wave border, while stylized lotus petals and a key fret border adorn the exterior.



(Jean-Pierre Dubosc [1904-1988], Paris), sometime between 1929 and 1947, until 1970;

purchased by Kimbell Art Foundation, Fort Worth, 1970.