Nuestro Kimbell (Our Kimbell) was established in 2016 by a founding committee of civic and community leaders. The original mandate focused on developing Spanish-language resources as well as promotional and engagement strategies to cultivate audiences that reflect the rich cultural diversity of north Texas. Today, Nuestro Kimbell committee stakeholders continue to serve in a vital capacity, advising and helping to shape the museum’s ongoing efforts to foster meaningful, inclusive, and accessible museum experiences for all.

Join Us

As the Kimbell approaches its 50th anniversary in October 2022, Nuestro Kimbell offers an opportunity for local voices to both inform and champion the museum's future work. In an effort to best represent the perspectives and needs of our local community, the Kimbell seeks committee members who:

  • Bring a passion for the visual arts and art education
  • Represent and/or can reach the diverse communities we serve
  • Embrace a spirit of advocacy, inclusion, and community service.

Check out our recruitment brochure. Questions? Contact [email protected].

Committee Members 



Estela Martinez-Stuart, director of tourism, Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau


Andrieka Lockett, community engagement program manager, Texas Health


Miguel Calera, marketing director, La Gran Plaza

Tanisia Castillo-Queppet, community advocate

María José Cervantes, photographer, translator

Claudia Flamand, North Texas Area Community Health Centers, Outreach and Enrollment 

Carlos E. Flores, council member, City Council, District 2

William Girón, executive director, Artes de la Rosa

Elena Aredondo Greer, visual artist, communications manager, Arts Fort Worth

Siliva Gutierrez, community advocate

Cristal Hernandez-Galvan, president, Hernandez Grants & Consulting

Gabriela Lomonaco, freelance translator

Anael Luebanos, Fort Worth Board of Education, District 8, Federación Zacatecas

Mary Lou Martinez, community outreach & enrollment specialist

Oscar Sanchez Olvera, reverend, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Fort Worth

Sandy Martinez Russel, Hispanic Women's Network of Texas

Ed Salazar, artist

Patricia Grueso Scott, principal, Enterprise Bridge USA

Martina Trevino, Hispanic Women's Network of Texas 

Giovanni Valderas, artist, professor

Bernardo Vallarino, artist

Veronica Villegas, Diversity and Inclusion, City of Fort Worth

Benjamin Watson, co-founder, Worth Media