Kimbell Teen Council is a group of high school students (grades 9–12) from the DFW area who are interested in creating, promoting, and facilitating teen programs at the Kimbell Art Museum.

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What do we do?

Kimbell Teen Council’s goal is to develop and promote teen programs at the Kimbell by:

  • Advising, planning, and implementing teen programming, including Kimbell Teen Hangouts
  • Volunteering at Kimbell education programs and special events
  • Consulting on Museum initiatives and projects (Kimbell Teen Art Scope, Nuestro Kimbell, etc.)
  • Working with Kimbell staff to create marketing materials (photos, videos, etc.) for promoting teen programs
  • Promoting Kimbell teen programs by distributing flyers, participating in special events, and communicating with peers

What will you get out of the experience?

  • Have a say in building teen programming at the Kimbell
  • Gain experience in leadership, community engagement, and arts advocacy
  • Learn about the Kimbell’s collection through behind-the-scenes experiences
  • Build relationships with a diverse group of teens from all over the DFW Metroplex
  • Fulfill service learning and community service hours through volunteering


How much time do I have to commit?

  • KTC members must commit to attending twelve two-hour meetings throughout the 2021–22 school year. Meetings are scheduled on selected Wednesdays from 4 to 6 p.m.
  • KTC members also must commit to completing a minimum of eight volunteer hours for Kimbell Art Museum programs or special events throughout the school year. Most volunteer opportunities are scheduled for Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons.


Fill out the Kimbell Teen Council application, accessible in person at the Kimbell Art Museum or by download.

2021 Application 

  • Application deadline is Tuesday, June 1, 2021.
  • Applicants moving to the interview round will be notified by Friday, June 4, 2021.
  • Only complete applications will be considered. 


  • Completed “Personal Information” section
  • Completed essay questions (two 100- to 300-word essays)
  • Two completed reference forms  
  • Signatures from both you and your parent/guardian

Download the 2021 Application and submit in one of three ways: 

  E-MAIL to:
  FAX to: 817-984-3661
  MAIL to: Kimbell Art Museum, c/o Kimbell Teen Council 
Education Department 
3333 Camp Bowie Boulevard 
Fort Worth, TX 76107

Or complete the webform below and download the Reference Forms to upload in Section Five.

Note: Please have all of your materials and information ready before starting the webform below. You will not be able to save or retrieve your information upon exiting this page. 



Section One: Applicant's Information 

Full Name
Primary Phone
Are any of your family or friends Kimbell employees, volunteers, or members?
How did you hear
How did you hear about Kimbell Teen Council?
Please indicate that you have read and agree to each statement below
Statement One
I commit to being available on Wednesday afternoons 4–6 p.m. at least twice a month during the school year.
Statement Two
I commit to fulfilling at least eight volunteer hours over the course of the 2020–2021 school year.
Statement Three
I have included two reference forms, at least one of which is from a teacher.
Section Two: Essays
Please choose two of the following essay questions to answer. Incomplete applications will not be considered for acceptance.

Why would you like to be a part of Kimbell Teen Council? If admitted, how will you be an asset to Kimbell Teen Council? (100 words minimum, 300 words maximum)
Tell us about you and your world (your neighborhood, your interests, your friends, your teachers, etc.). How has that world shaped you, your hopes, your goals? (100 words minimum, 300 words maximum)
Tell us about a challenge you have overcome or a problem you have solved. How did you approach the challenge? Where did you struggle the most? How did it work out? (100 words minimum, 300 words maximum)
Tell us about your interest in art. What part do the arts play in your life? What have your experiences with museums or other cultural institutions been like? (100 words minimum, 300 words maximum)
Section Three: Parent/Guardian Information
(This portion should be filled out by the applicant’s parent/guardian):
Full Name
Primary Phone
Section Four: Signatures

Please read and sign the portion below:
I certify that all statements made by me on this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and that I have withheld nothing that would, if disclosed, affect this application unfavorably. If I am chosen to be a part of the Kimbell Teen Council, I will comply with all policies and practices established by the Kimbell Art Museum.
Sign above
Sign above
Section Five: References

Upload a PDF of your two completed reference forms
One file only.
64 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, .

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