August 7 


Calling art lovers of all ages for creative explorations inspired by artistic traditions from across India, China, Japan, Korea, and beyond!  Guest artist demonstrations, art guides, and dual language story times will highlight artworks featured in the special exhibition Buddha, Shiva, Lotus, Dragon


Free art kits for the first 200 families! All art kits must be picked up from the Kimbell between Tuesday, August 3–Saturday, August 7. Please CLICK HERE to sign up. 


Swimming with Symbols 

Harmony, great fortune, and more! Learn about the symbolic importance of goldfish in Chinese art. 

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Dual Language Story time  

Gather round for our Facebook Live story time with Ms. Asami! Today’s presentation features Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Story from China, translated and illustrated by Ed Young. 

Facebook Live at 10 AM


Performance: Damaru Hara Kara Baje (The Drum Speaks "Hara Kara") (10 min.) 

Experience Bharata Natyam, one of the oldest classical dance traditions in India, featuring Austin-based choreographer-dancer Anuradha Naimpally. 

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Create: Paper-Plate Sculptures  

Guest artist Abhidnya Ghuge demonstrates how to transform the humble paper plate to create beautiful sculptures! 

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Create: Bird and Branch 

Follow simple steps to create a watercolor painting inspired by Asian ceramics with nature motifs. 

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Create: Colorful Koi 

Combine bright colors and patterned paper to create your own unique mixed-media koi fish. 

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Create: Lotus Blossoms 

Create paper lotus blossoms to decorate a space that is special to you! 

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Create: Shiva, Lotus-Eyed Lord 

Look carefully at a Chola period sculpture of Shiva to create your own scratch-art study of this important Hindu deity. 

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