Making its US debut, From the Lands of Asia presents over four hundred objects selected from the extraordinary Sam and Myrna Myers Collection. During their fifty years living in Paris, the American couple assembled some five thousand works representing a broad historical and geographical range, from the Neolithic era to modern times and from China, Japan, and Korea to Vietnam, Tibet, and Central Asia.

Each treasure—whether porcelain, ivory, jade, Buddhist sculpture, or stunning textile—is exceptional in its shape, rarity, quality, function, or inherent message. The exhibition recounts fascinating historical events through themes such as the symbolism of Chinese jade, the trade in blue-and-white porcelain, Buddhism, Noh theater, the Japanese samurai, the tea ceremony, the scholar’s studio.

Kimbell Art Museum

Objects featured in From the Lands of Asia

Gallery installation of From the Lands of Asia

This exhibition is produced by Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Archaeology and History Complex, Montréal, Canada, in partnership with Sam Myers. It is supported by a major grant from the Leo Potishman Foundation, JP Morgan Chase, Trustee.